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"Indian country is fortunate that Melinda Janko has developed an interest in this issue

and plans to do a documentary film about it.  She has the experience and ability to make a great film

about missing and murdered Indigenous women and I recommend her to you."


John E. Echohawk

Executive Director, Native American Rights Fund



Stories from survivors of Native families who have lost their sisters, mothers, daughters, and granddaughters to violence,

fuel this feature length documentary film that examines a silent crisis that most Americans do not know about.

In 2003, I formed Fire in the Belly Productions, with a goal of “making films that make a difference.” Shortly afer, I read an article in Mother Jones Magazine about Blackfeet Warrior, Elouise Cobell’s historic fight for justice for 300,000 Native families whose
mineral rich lands, were grossly mismanaged by the U.S. Government. They were land rich but dirt poor. I asked the question, where is the justice and why isn't this front page news? Enraged by it all, I spent 14 years bringing Elouise’s Cobell's story to the world in the film 100 Years: One Woman's Fight for Justice. In 2016 the film was released, and won multiple awards. It had a broadcast premiere on the PBS series, America ReFramed and streamed for two years on Netflix.  100 Years is now taught in public schools in 25 states, and over 200 colleges and universities, in the U.S., Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  

Naturally, when I read about the silent crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women, I was alarmed, and asked the same question; where is the justice, where are the press? Women are Sacred is a documentary film series that investigates this crisis with a goal to educate the public, create change and make a difference!



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For more information, and to receive a copy of the Women are Sacred Pitch Deck, please contact Director, Melinda Janko at 

Women are Sacred Movement, Inc. is accepting tax deductible donations in support of the Women are Sacred Campaign.  If you’re interested in donating and supporting this important – critical – work, please click the button below and offer your support.  

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